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A multi-day program to help keep horses healthy and feeling their best during travel, competition or stress events. With pre-packaged servings, this program makes taking supplements on the road quick and easy. The Travel Ready Program includes 3 solutions, easy-to-follow instructions, and a free travel bag (when you order 3 days or more). When preparing for extra long trips, consider starting the Travel Program 1 to 3 days prior to leaving. 


Use this program to :

  • encourage normal drinking, and hydration
  • promote faster muscle recovery
  • help maintain a healthy immune system
  • stimulate appetite
  • soothe occasional gastric distress
  • support the protective lining of the stomach / foregut


The Travel Ready Program includes:

  • ADR Paste
  • Gastro pHix
  • Travel Paste

Travel Ready Program

PriceFrom $165.00
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